18 Questions Employees Have For Leaders

By Sue Funkhouser

Gallup Research has shown that the #1 reason employees leave their job is their manager.  It has been said, “People join a company, people leave a manager.”

Within the context of an employee’s tangible and intangible needs, below are some of the questions employees are thinking about in relation to their job and you as a manager.

How would you respond to each of these questions? How do you think your employees would answer?

  1. Am I being compensated fairly—at market value and internally?
  2. If my salary was reduced during the recession, will it be restored once the economy recovers?
  3. Is my job safe?  If not, will you be transparent with me?
  4. If I got laid off, will I be taken care of?
  5. Will I have the tools and resources I need to do my job?  If not, will you fight to get them?
  6. Do you care about me?
  7. What do you know about me personally?
  8. Do you value my unique viewpoint and contributions?
  9. Will you promote my work and ideas internally?
  10. Do you appreciate me?
  11. Will you help me develop and grow?
  12. May I make mistakes?
  13. Will you stand up for me?
  14. Do you trust me?
  15. Do you know what lights my fire?
  16. How does my work contribute to company’s purpose?
  17. Will you provide me with helpful feedback so I can continuously improve?Will you support me in pursuing my aspirations, even if it means parting ways?

It is not easy being a manager and yes, these are a lot of questions. However, guaranteed, these are just some your employees consider when evaluating their relationship with you.  I suspect you have many of the same questions for your manager.

Inspiration: I have a coaching client (let’s call her LaTanya) whose manager of six years recommended her for a Director position at another company. Mainly because she realized there wasn’t room for her to be promoted internally. Additionally, the manager spent time with LaTanya sharing why she recommended her and even helped her think through some interview questions. Wow. That manager certainly cares about LaTanya and yes, supports her career aspirations, even if it means parting ways.

Invitation:  I have two invitations for you this week. First, to ask someone you manage about their needs and aspirations and how you can support them. Second, show someone you value their contributions in a way that would be meaningful to them.




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