The History

B Revolution founder Dirk Sampselle, JD, MBA, served as Drafting Author of the 2010 Benefit Corporation Legislative Memorandum, used to facilitate adoption of the benefit corporation legal entity by over 20 state legislatures.  After serving the B Corporation movement in that capacity, Dirk formed B Revolution in order to provide ventures and financiers with the legal and business expertise necessary to adopt the benefit corporation legal entity, achieve the B Corporation certification and GIIRS rating, integrate impacts into competitive strategy, and ensure ongoing business and legal compliance.

Since its inception, Dirk’s team at B Revolution has structured dozens of ventures for integrated profit and impact success, with over 20 companies becoming B Corporation certified, and many achieving successive rounds of angel and venture capital investment to fuel growth as they double and triple sales.  In 2012, B Revolution formed B Revolution Capital, an investment network and impact investment advisory service, and ezBcorp, a “legalzoom” for B Corporation startups.

The Expertise

B Revolution Founder Dirk Sampselle is a nationally-recognized expert in B Corporations. Dirk earned his JD and MBA as a Dean’s Scholar and Monroe Gumer Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Law at Pepperdine University.  At Pepperdine, Dirk studied corporate governance under Myron Steele, Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, the nation’s leading judiciary for corporate governance issues, and authored a leading scholarly publication on Benefit Corporation corporate governance issues, published in the prestigious Emory Law Journal.  Prior to forming B Revolution, Dirk served as the Assistant to the Director of Litigation and Advocacy at Public Counsel, the world’s largest public interest law firm, and was Founder and Chairman of Citizens for Social Justice, a Florida-based 501(c)(3) that administered an innovative volunteer-run transitional housing and educational rehabilitation program for the homeless.  CSJ acquired emergency services provider HomeVan in 2011 under Dirk’s tenure as Chairman of the Board.

Dirk’s publications on B Corporations and related topics include:

  1. The Benefit Corporation: An Economic Analysis with Recommendations to Boards, Courts, and Legislatures: Published in the prestigious Emory Law Journal (62 Emory Law Journal (July 2013)), this article is arguably the most robust and comprehensive examination of the benefit corporation legislation adopted in most jurisdictions.  Does not cover Delaware, which had not been passed at the time of publication. Lengthy and authored for a scholarly audience.
  2. The Benefit Corporation White Paper: The legislative rationale for why the benefit corporation legal entity should exist.  Adopted by B Lab in 2010.  The Choice of Entity Appendix was authored by Dirk. A high-level overview, written for a lay audience.
  3. Choice of Entity for Social Entrepreneurs: A comprehensive treatise on how to choose the right entity for your “impact enterprise.”  Covers Tax-Exempt Organizations (TEOs), TEO/for-profit hybrids, benefit corporations, LLCs, L3Cs, and FPCs.  About 20 pages.  Somewhat technical but written for a lay/business audience.
  4. Assessing Impact: A Guide to Third-Party Standards for Benefit Corporations: Explains the third-party standard requirements for benefit corporations. Co-authored by a former B Revolution Associate, who is now a Standards Associate at B Lab.
Shorter Pieces – Blogs and Essays
  1. What is the Difference Between a B Corporation and a Benefit Corporation?
  2. An Analysis of the B Corporation Certification Legal Requirements
  3. A Summary of the Benefit Corporation Third-Party-Standard Requirements
  4. Can Becoming a B Corporation Make You More Profitable?
  5. Benefit Corporation Governance and Compliance
  6. Introduction to the B Corporation Assessment and Certification
Visit our Knowledge Center to read more of our thought leadership and that of our community members.  You may also visit Dirk’s ongoing Blog Series on B Corps, hosted by CSRwire.

Our Rates

B Revolution serves the B Corporation, impact investment, and responsible business communities with customized service delivery programs and affordable, value-based pricing.

Speaking Fees: Dirk provides keynote addresses, moderates and serves on expert panels, and judges venture competitions at some of the world’s leading conferences and events.  Dirk’s appearance fee is $7,500, plus travel and expense reimbursement.  Please see the note below regarding discounts for qualified institutions and events.

Executive and Board Workshops: Dirk provides board and executive B Corporation training workshops at $500/hr.  See our Board Governance page to learn more about applicable topics and services.

Hourly/Daily/Weekly: Dirk provides individual client advisory services at $250/hr. See our services for Startups, services for Businesses, and services for Funds pages to learn more about our services.

Project Fees: The primary B Revolution method of billing is a flat project package rate.  Our clients appreciate the certainty of project cost and timeline that we offer for discrete service packages.

Initial Consultation: B Revolution provides a free initial 30 minute consultation including a review of materials submitted prior to the consultation.

Education: Qualified educational institutions and events are eligible to receive reduced speaking and workshop rates.  Please inquire regarding our standards and availability.


A note on our longstanding friendship with B Lab

B Revolution is a friend and collaborator of, but not formally affiliated with, or compensated by, B Lab, the nonprofit behind both the benefit corporation legislation and the B Corporation certification.  The founder of B Revolution, Dirk Sampselle, worked with B Lab in 2011, during which time he was a drafting author of B Lab’s Benefit Corporation White Paper.

How are we different from B Lab?

B Lab:
  • Certifies B Corporations in a similar way that the USDA certifies products as organic, or the IRS reviews tax filings for compliance. 
  • B Lab also provides its B Impact Assessment free online at, and provides free telephonic support to answer questions about the assessment.
  • B Lab advocates  legislatively for the benefit corporation legal entity.
  • B Lab runs GIIRS, the Global Impact Investment Ratings System (based on B Corp metrics) and B Analytics, tools to help investors evaluate the impactfulness of ventures.
B Revolution:
  • Helps companies become B Corporation certified by…
    • Formulating and formalizing impact strategy to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage
    • Saving time and money for businesses by making the certification process quicker, more effective, and more profit- and mission-aligned
    • Applying our extensive expertise and experience in helping companies achieve high (or at least satisfactory) performance on the Impact Assessment
    • Identifying “low-hanging-fruit” and easy points to achieve on the assessment
    • Identifying strategically-aligned impacts and points to achieve on the assessment
    • Advocating for businesses in the certification interview and document review process to ensure existing impacts are appropriately rewarded
    • Developing the requisite policies, programs, practices, and procedures for businesses to become certified
    • Assisting with impact tracking and documentation/performance data aggregation
    • Assisting with collating all of the documentation and submitting it in the review process
    • Making this all a happy, fulfilling, and fun process. Or at least helping you survive it.
  • Helps companies complete the formation of, or transition into, a B Corporation-compliant legal entity (provided in conjunction with our legal affiliates)
    • Choice of entity and jurisdiction counsel
    • Legal and statutory compliance counsel
    • Authoring of compliant articles of incorporation and bylaws
    • Custom purpose-structuring counsel
    • Board governance counsel
    • Benefit reporting and third-party-standard compliance counsel
    • Other matters related to B Corporation legal formation, transition, and compliance
  • Helps funds become GIIRS rated by
    • Doing all of the things listed above, but in the context of GIIRS, for both the fund and its portfolio companies

Regardless of whether you hire B Revolution, companies can take the B Impact Assessment for free at that link.

If you get lost in the assessment, want help, don’t have the time, aren’t sure what questions mean, don’t want to waste time on performance improvements that don’t make sense, don’t want to write bad policies that could expose you to litigation later, want help getting the most from your certification through branding, communications, reporting, stakeholder engagement, or just want to do really cool things with B Revolution, give us a call before, during, or after you take it.  We’d love to do cool things together too.

Dirk Sampselle, JD, MBA

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Dirk Sampselle is Founder of B Revolution, Inc., a family of enterprises dedicated to growing the B Corporation movement.  A nationally-recognized expert in th…

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