Using B Corp Status to Raise Mission-Aligned Capital (Video)

Using B Corporation Status to Raise Mission-Aligned Capital

B Revolution founder Dirk Sampselle, JD, MBA, is an expert in B Corporations. Here, he discusses raising mission-aligned capital. By affirming a public benefit purpose in their legal entity, and abiding by the B Corporation’s strict legal standards, B Corporations will attract or deter investors based on their alignment with the company’s mission. Ventures can use the B Impact metrics to communicate concrete impact performance data to investors, putting you ahead of the pack when it comes to verifying your claims of creating impact. The B Corp certification may also lead ventures to have a higher valuation because B Corps pursue internal value creation and risk mitigation strategies while actively managing good business strategies. Finally, the B Corporation certification empowers investors, giving them a right to bring an action against the corporation to enforce impact performance.



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B Revolution Capital

B Revolution Capital focuses on high-growth-potential certified B Corporations with an investment need of between $5 million and $25 million. With the support of its advisors, sponsors, and affiliates, B Revolution Capital hosts investor education symposiums, investor salons, and virtual webinars, as well as allowing investor members to preview certified dealflow through GUST and Mission Markets.

B Revolution Consulting

B Revolution prides itself on being the world’s leading B Corporation compliance firm, founded by the drafting author of B Lab’s White Paper and nationally recognized expert in the B Corporation certification and legal structure.  Our longstanding expertise and experience in helping companies achieve certification means that our clients achieve certification more quickly, at less expense, and with better results than companies who attempt certification on their own.  Indeed, because the B Corporation certification process is robust, of the companies that undertake the performance assessment on their own,  only approximately 5% achieve certification.  (Read more about why here)


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