Fall Research Analyst Internship

B Revolution seeks an entrepreneurial undergraduate student interested in the field of social enterprise startups to assist B Revolution’s leadership team in building the social enterprise revolution.  The Intern will work as part of an integrated team of talented attorneys and social enterprise experts who work together to solve client needs and promote social enterprise to the small business and nonprofit sectors. Intern responsibilities are customized to align with the Intern’s professional goals and may include business development, online marketing, and academic research.

Key Benefits of Internship

  • Exposure in a fast-growing startup at heart of the B Corporation movement.
  • Hands-on experience with social enterprise businesses and impact investing leaders.
  • Promotion of the Intern’s personal brand via broad distribution of intern-authored content.
  • Potential for mentorship, networking, and industry recommendations.
  • Flexible location.



The candidate should possess a demonstrated passion for social enterprise and an eagerness to learn about the social enterprise space from a holistic business and legal perspective.  The candidate must also be comfortable working in a team setting but should be self-motivated to initiate research and other work given a broad mandate to do so.


The ideal candidate will have experience at a social enterprise or undergraduate training in business, environmental science, or a related field.  Intensive field-specific training will be considered favorably.


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Kelly Devlin at Devlin@brevolution.com by August 26th.

B Revolution is a benefit corporation consulting firm providing business planning, capital raising, marketing, and B Corporation Certification optimization for social enterprises.

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