What Do Investors Think About Benefit Corporations

What Do Investors Think About Benefit Corporations This article addresses the changes that Benefit Corporations are bringing to the business world and how investors a view them.

The Benefit Corporation: an Economic Analysis with Recommendations to Courts, Boards, and Legislatures

THE BENEFIT CORPORATION: AN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS WITH RECOMMENDATIONS TO COURTS, BOARDS, AND LEGISLATURES This article provides an analysis of the benefit corporation including its duties, corporate governance, statutes, and recommendations. It begins with a brief analysis of the history and norms of corporate governance – the dominant paradigms of thought … Read More

Can Becoming a B Corporation Make Your Business More Profitable?

By Dirk Sampselle Since B Lab created its B Corporation certification four years ago, responsible businesses have rushed to earn the coveted “B Corp” seal of approval. Today, over 1,000 businesses have begun using B Lab’s impact assessment tool, and over 600 have become fully B Corporation certified. But many … Read More