B Corporation Certification and Compliance Services

B Revolution prides itself on being the world’s leading B Corporation compliance firm, founded by the drafting author of B Lab’s White Paper and nationally recognized expert in the B Corporation certification and legal structure.  Our longstanding expertise and experience in helping companies achieve certification means that our clients achieve certification more quickly, at less expense, and with better results than companies who attempt certification on their own.

We help businesses through every phase and aspect of the B Corporation certification process, from legal transition and compliance, to impact assessment completion and performance improvement, ongoing certification compliance, and score optimization.  Our services are summarized below, with comprehensive information available on the dedicated page for each service area.  You can also learn more about our services approach at the bottom of this page.


Read more about our Certification services here.

  • Achieve B Corporation Certification
  • Impact Assessment Completion
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Performance Improvements
  • Score Optimization
  • Document Aggregation and Submission
  • Policy Writing
  • Program Development
  • Change Management
  • Certification Interview Advocacy and Representation
  • Special Case Advocacy
  • Document Coordination and Correspondence Management

Read more about our Optimization (B Corporation Score Improvement) services
  • Leveraging the legal entity, certification, and metrics to raise mission-aligned capital
  • Leveraging the certification to activate your brand and engage consumers
  • Leveraging the metrics to better engage your employees
  • Leveraging reporting practices to engage stakeholders
  • Creating exempt-entity partnerships
  • Enhancing B Corporation score performance

Read more about our Compliance services
  • Audit and On-Site Review preparation
  • Ongoing Impact Tracking 
  • Ongoing Impact Management and Performance Maintenance
  • Impact Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Annual Public Benefit Reporting (for benefit entities)

Legal and Related Matters

Read more about our Legal Formation services for startups here, and about our Legal Transition services for existing businesses here.

  • Compliant Legal Formation and Transition
  • Board Governance Coaching
  • Purpose Definition and Structuring
  • Impact Investment Term Negotiation
  • Capital Structure Preparation: Securities Disclosure and Purchase Agreements
  • Exempt Entity (501(c)(3) Public Charity, Private Foundation, etc.) Formation
  • Complex Structures — Exempt Entity/For-Profit Joint Ventures, Licensing, Etc.
  • Employment and ESOP Agreements

The B Revolution Approach:

Creating Shared Value to Unlock Competitive Advantage

Since the publication of Michael Porter’s lauded 2006 Harvard Business Review Article, innovative ventures have sought to discover new sources of competitive advantage through the creation of “shared value.”  The shared value thesis is that, where companies create value for their stakeholders while concurrently creating financial value for the firm, those ventures will have a stronger and more resilient competitive advantage.

At B Revolution, we help ventures create shared value by optimizing B Corporation performance.  Using the B Corporation assessment as a strategic planning tool, we help ventures identify key stakeholders, opportunities for business model innovation, and internal practice improvements.Taking “shared value” from philosophy to practice, we use the B Corporation assessment to strengthen ventures’ competitive advantage through the creation of shared value for all stakeholders.

Learn more about how we optimize B Corporation performance here.