Running a business without a business plan is like sailing a ship into the open ocean with no means of navigation.

A business plan commits into writing what you plan to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. The business planning process challenges the fundamental assumptions of the entrepreneur and provides a critical opportunity to test feasibility and modify the business concept before money has been lost. Investors, bankers, and suppliers are leery of supplying capital without a thorough and convincing plan that shows the business’s ability to sustain profit.

The business planning process is essential not only for startups, but for established businesses seeking to better understand their customers, develop stronger demand or cost projections, launch new products, or eliminate wasteful lines of service. The process of business planning is especially important to sustainable businesses because the firm’s sustainability strategy needs to align with its core business strategy, and the firm needs strong metrics in order to determine when it has succeeded in achieving its sustainability goals.


 Market analysis processMarket Analysis Services

  • Market Segmentation & Market Size
  • Target Market Strategy
  • Market Drivers, Trends, and Growth
  • Market Demographics and Buyer Behavior Analysis
  • Key Market Needs
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Many entrepreneurs develop a fantastic idea, but can’t access the human capital they need to help them implement it. Where do you find talented industry experts with a passion for entrepreneurship? B Revolution helps.

Without a strong management team to lead implementation, even the best business idea is destined to fail. Beyond financial projections, the #1 business element investors pay attention to is the management team: do they have what it takes to pull it off? Critical features of a strong management team include industry knowledge, passion for the idea, and track record of success and responsibility. B Revolution not only recruits leading talent, but also fosters team development.

Management collaborationB Revolution can help develop your:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Management Team
  • Board of Advisors
  • Board of Directors
  • Growth Personnel Plan

Business planning's critical elements

The most critical element of the business plan - the one most paid attention to by investors, and the one that determines a venture’s economic feasibility - is the set of financial projections that represent the market research, marketing plan, and the management team’s ability to capitalize on a market need. B Revolution advisors rigorously analyze the business model and create robust projections that withstand investor scrutiny.

B Revolution advisors have created business plan competition-winning financial models, and are experts in financial projections and valuation techniques.

Our advisors typically create the following financial projections during the business planning process:

  • Historical Financial Statements and Summary of Key Financial Indicators
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Break-even Analysis
  • 5 Year Pro Forma P&L, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet Projections
  • Key Assumptions and Justifications
  • Long-term Financial Pla
  • Multiple Valuation Methods Analysis (DCF, cost method, and comparable company method, option method)



Effects of mission impact

Impact Affects Everything. Everything Effects Impact.

Business operations and social and environmental impacts are inextricably linked. Rather than merely “managing” social and environmental impacts by reducing waste and harm, B Revolution advisors design impact models that affect and bolster the entire business concept. We harness the power of impact to create profit.

Profit-Impact Alignment.

When B Revolution advisors design social and environmental impacts, they align the impact model with the business’s core competencies so that profit and impact are positively linked. B Revolution advisors are experts in designing impact models that boost profitability while creating measurable, scalable outcomes for society and the environment.

Mission Impact