Experts in Early-Stage Capital

Our team of advisors has sourced funding for over 300 ventures, totaling over $20M in first-round financing. We understand the need to find mission-aligned capital sources to prevent mission drift, and we are dedicated to funding the growth of a profitable enterprise while also promoting the growth and scalability of the environmental or social impact. Our team regularly judges venture competitions and screens deals for angel investors. Our network of over 400 investors provide a plethora of capitalization opportunities for social enterprise startups.

We focus first on building an impeccable business plan with a rigorous financial model. We scrutinize the model the way an investor would, and ensure its assumptions are sound. We then use our network to find the right investor for each enterprise, coach entrepreneurs on how to present to each investor, and assist with the due diligence process once an investor match has been made.

Acquiring capital to fund growth and impact



The financial model is undeniably one of, if not the most important element of a business plan.  It is often the component that determines whether the venture will receive funding or not.  This is because the financial model represents all of the business plan in numerical form, including all the plan’s assumptions and fundamental claims.  The valuation is drawn from the financial model, and determines the value of the enterprise.

Our staff include veteran due diligence officers from angel investment groups, and CFA-licensed financial professionals with formal training from Training The Street, and Quantrix software proficiency.  They are trained to evaluate financial models and investigate their assumptions, providing detailed analysis of risk in each element of the plan.

  • Financial Statement Projections
  • Cost analysis
  • To-be marketing budget
  • Detailed demand projection analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis and multiple-scenario simulations

Leveraging a Global Network of Mission-Aligned Investors

Our capitalization experts use their networks of investors to seek out early-stage financiers who are interested in your social and environmental mission. We then speak with the investors to learn more about their risk tolerance and funding capabilities. Once we understand the investors’ commitment to impacts and financial preferences and capabilities, we match the entrepreneur with the investor.

Pitch your Business the way Investors want to Hear it

Pitching to investors doesn’t lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach. It isn’t a baseball cap; it is a $20-500,000 investment. Each investor brings his or her own preferences, past experiences, fears, concerns, and aspirations to the table. There is much talk about “selling out” to investors, but if you cannot present your idea in a way that your potential investors want to hear it, you will never get the funding you need to scale and succeed.

We find ways for entrepreneurs to stay true to mission, while getting the funding they need to grow.

Once an investor has shown interest in your enterprise, B Revolution advisors are available to assist with responding to due diligence requests and with completing term negotiation. Our advisors are knowledgeable about what investors want and will try to get from a young enterprise, even if they’re not completely up front about it. We are skilled at analyzing term sheets and providing guidance on term advantages and disadvantages. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs execute the best possible deal for them and their enterprise.