Marketing Fundamentals

B Revolution offers extensive core marketing strategy planning services, including defining marketing mixes, developing pricing objectives and methods, defining promotional goals, and selecting distribution channels for products and services, as well as implementing print and online media campaigns.  Our team also has expertise in the critical fields of social media and mobile marketing, and is prepared to utilize its network of media contacts to facilitate online, social media, and print PR campaigns.  From pay-per-click campaigns to website design; from SPSS simulation and campaign sensitivity analysis to brand development and positioning, our team is positioned to advise clients on how to best bring their products and services to market.

Marketing Fundamentals

Cause Marketing: Are you shouting in an empty room?

Shout outCause marketing has seen exponential growth over the last decade, and with the rise of social awareness about environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, companies have been trying to build brands that tap into consumers’ hearts as well as their pockets. But without a strong grounding in marketing fundamentals, any cause campaign will be less than optimal. Many non-profits and cause-driven businesses rely on the goodwill of customers and word of mouth to drive their growth. But shouting cause is often not the most effective way to bring a product or service to market.  Rather, a cause marketing plan should entail a well-thought-out engagement strategy with key stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

One employees ideaB Revolution’s Marketing team employs a comprehensive focus on the entire value chain and its expansive group of stakeholders. We realize that it is no longer sufficient to push out messaging through print or even burgeoning online or social media advertising outlets. We build vanguard companies that create a meaningful discourse with consumers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders, to develop brands and offerings that build lasting relationships and harness feedback for long-term profitability.