Operations Management and Growth Strategy

Early-stage businesses often struggle to carry optimal inventory relative to their marketing strategy and expected growth rate. They frequently fail to project human resource needs and misjudge the amount of capital they will need to grow at their projected rate. Everyone has a million dollar idea, but few know how to scale that idea to $10M annual sales without suffering from all the typical growing pains.

The advisors at B Revolution cannot guarantee you painless growth, but our experts have advised dozens of businesses on growth control issues across all industries. The more that growth can be not just projected, but controlled, the more empowered the firm is to handle its growth needs.  Our advisors provide the analytical tools necessary to determine when to make that next big marketing push, and what environmental trends will affect sales cycles, seasonality, and repayment rates. And we translate all our insights into actionable recommendations for you.

Data Analysis and Resource Optimization

Using sophisticated data analysis and decision science tools, B Revolution advisors are able to analyze historical performance, define pain points, and synthesize solutions that smooth growth.  Controlling the process of scaling is as important as the goal of achieving scale itself; B Revolution ensures client companies adopt the sustainable path to scale.