Leveraging Impact to Create Profit; Leveraging Profit to Create Impact

Market opportunities; distributor and supplier networks; value chain; brand equity; operations strategy – all these elements and more together forge a company’s competitive advantage, or its reasons for failure.  Increasingly, businesses operate in a global, networked space requiring an intense focus on the consumer with a mind to social and environmental impact which can be demonstrated clearly to the market as an aspect of the firm’s competitive advantage.

Which metrics should your company adopt? Do you want a LEED certified building for your office? Organic cotton for your t shirts? What is the brand value of certification? How can you use sustainability reporting to enhance customer relationships and build brand equity? Can sustainable practices be leveraged to grow your consumer base, and expand purchasing from your current customers?

B Revolution’s sustainability strategy experts help businesses define sustainable practices that become part of the organization’s core competencies.

You’ve got a great product design, but how will you manufacture it?  How will you ensure your suppliers meet the rigorous environmental and social standards your consumers will increasingly pay attention to over the next decade?  How can you leverage your supplier network to create a distinct and inimitable competitive advantage, building brand equity and enhancing consumer relationships at the opposite end of the value chain?

B Revolution advisors assist you in all these matters and more.

Targeting Sustainability

B Revolution marketing experts target sustainability-focused market opportunities and consumer segments for your business to engage.