Managing B Corporation Impact Performance and KPIs (Video)

Managing B Corporation Impact Performance and KPIs

B Revolution founder Dirk Sampselle, JD, MBA, is an expert in B Corporations. In this video tutorial, he describes how the B Impact Assessment can assist businesses with managing impact performance and impact KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The impact assessment allows companies to manage performance across a much broader range of indicators than traditional financial performance. This intelligent set of impact metrics will help businesses monitor impact on various stakeholders and manage performance on the degree to which you are doing good.

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B Revolution prides itself on being the world’s leading B Corporation compliance firm, founded by the drafting author of B Lab’s White Paper and nationally recognized expert in the B Corporation certification and legal structure.  Our longstanding expertise and experience in helping companies achieve certification means that our clients achieve certification more quickly, at less expense, and with better results than companies who attempt certification on their own.  Indeed, because the B Corporation certification process is robust, of the companies that undertake the performance assessment on their own,  only approximately 5% achieve certification.  (Read more about why here)


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