Leveraging Impact Metrics to Bolster Financial Performance

Investing in companies with ethical business practices isn’t just a moral duty — it’s an opportunity to mitigate risk and generate an economically sustainable competitive advantage.  In game theory, those who defect may achieve short-term wins, but those who cooperate perform better over the long run.  Our services help funds focus on investing in businesses with practices that collaborate with stakeholders to create shared value.

A great deal of empirical research links ethical practices to financial sustainability.  Investments in employee engagement, transparency, strong governance, supply chain screening, and stakeholder consideration create a business architecture that withstands economic downturns, endures impossible markets, and identifies sources of innovation and opportunities to create shared value. At B Revolution, we help investors develop an impact investing philosophy that allows them to unlock their Total Impact Performance Potential, a marketable investment theory to attract capital, screen ventures, and manage the portfolio.

Helping Impact Investors Track Impact Performance

Because the impact investing industry focuses on ventures that produce comprehensive triple-bottom-line performance, impact investors benefit from an independent third-party impact ratings system that is objective, comparable, transparent, and rigorous in its assessment of impacts.  B Lab’s GIIRS (Global Impact Investment Ratings System) uses the B Corporation certification metrics to provide a comprehensive analytics system for impact investors, providing transparent, independent, and verified data.  GIIRS is distinct from the B Corporation certification because the GIIRS rating does not require ventures to become legally accountable to considering stakeholders and pursuing public benefit, but a GIIRS rated company will assess its impacts according to the B Corporation metrics.

B Revolution serves the burgeoning impact investing segment through the following services:

  1. Metrics Development.
  2. GIIRS Ratings.
  3. Full Portfolio Certification.