Adopt the Leading Impact Investment Ratings System for Your Portfolio

GIIRS Introduction

Because the impact investing industry focuses on ventures that produce comprehensive triple-bottom-line performance, impact investors benefit from an independent third-party impact ratings system that is objective, comparable, transparent, and rigorous in its assessment of impacts.  GIIRS uses the B Corporation certification metrics to serve as a comprehensive analytics system for impact investors, providing transparent, independent, and verified data.  GIIRS is distinct from the B Corporation certification because the GIIRS rating does not require ventures to become legally accountable to considering stakeholders and pursuing public benefit, but a GIIRS rated company will assess its impacts according to the B Corporation metrics.

GIIRS ratings are available to both funds and ventures.  Funds receive a GIIRS rating based 20% on the fund’s internal impact practices, and 80% on its portfolio companies’ impact practices.  Ventures receiving a GIIRS rating are simply rated according to the B Corporation metrics, with companies earning at least an 80 becoming eligible to earn the B Corporation certification.

GIIRS Services: For Funds

Funds and financing institutions benefit from B Lab’s impact ratings system by gaining objective, comparable, quantified, robust, metrics by which to judge their portfolio’s impact performance.  Those metrics can then be used to communicate portfolio-wide and venture-specific impacts to LPs.  The metrics can also be used to help screen ventures, and can be custom-weighted to serve a particular impact focus.  B Revolution partners with funds to help them solidify their impact philosophy, develop GIIRS-compliant internal metrics, enable portfolio companies to create and measure impacts, and communicate portfolio impacts to LPs.  Our services include:

  • Data Aggregation for Previous Funds’ Impact Performance
  • Development of Target Performance Objectives for Current Fund
  • Development of Impact Screening Practices
  • Authoring of Impact Terms for use in Investment Instruments
  • Integration of Impact Measurement and Risk Mitigation Practices
  • Development of Portfolio Reporting Protocol and Processes
  • Development of Capacity Building Programs for Portfolio Companies

GIIRS Services: For Ventures

B Revolution also assists Funds’ portfolio companies with becoming GIIRS rated, since a component of the Fund’s GIIRS rating is comprised of the portfolio companies’ GIIRS ratings.  Ventures seeking a GIIRS rating must simply complete the GIIRS Assessment, which is the same as the B Corporation Impact Assessment.  B Revolution’s GIIRS services for ventures thus parallel our B Corporation Certification Services. 

  • Completion of GIIRS Assessment
  • Performance Gap Analysis with Strategic Improvement Recommendations
  • Impact Strategy and Impact Programming Development
  • Authoring of All Policies, Practice Guidelines, and Procedures, Compliance Guaranteed
  • Aggregation of All Necessary Documentation Prior to Ratings Interview
  • Coaching and Advance Preparation for Ratings Interview
  • Advocacy and Coaching Throughout Ratings Interview
  • Post-Interview Document Aggregation  and Submission