B Corporation Legal and Certification Compliance for Startups

B Revolution prides itself on being the world’s leading B Corporation compliance firm, founded by the drafting author of B Lab’s White Paper and nationally recognized expert in the B Corporation certification and legal structure.  Our longstanding expertise and experience in helping companies achieve certification means that our clients achieve certification more quickly, at less expense, and with better results than companies who attempt certification on their own.  And with a legacy of serving the entrepreneurship community, we have tailored services that minimize cost and maximize effectiveness for new ventures.

Why Start Now?

With between 110 and 150 points of analysis for early-stage companies, the B Corporation Impact Assessment challenges early-stage companies to consider aspects of operations that otherwise would go unconsidered and unmanaged.  Without considering certification compliance from inception, startups reaching the 6 month revenue mark (the earliest time at which a company may become certified) will encounter significant difficulty in revamping segments of their operations in order to achieve compliance.  Learn more about the requirements here.  B Revolution ensures startups build their operations in a compliant manner, so that Certification is not compromised during the business development stage.

Moreover, any time a new business sells equity — to co-founders, or to outside investors or advisors — the ability of the business to become a B Corporation compliant  legal entity becomes compromised.  Transitioning into a B Corporation compliant legal entity always requires at least a majority vote of the shareholders, and often times a supermajority vote — 90% in one state.  B Revolution helps startups navigate this decision early so that mission is protected throughout the life of the venture.

How Does B Revolution Help?

B Revolution assists startups through legal formation counsel, and through certification compliant and venture planning.  B Revolution has also launched a low-cost  ”legalzoom”-style tool for very price-conscious startups (defined here as <$1M annual revenue, and <10 employees).  Click here to learn more about our “ezBcorp” B Corporation legal formation and certification services. ezBcorp is not a replacement for legal advice and provides considerably less interaction and advisory guidance compared to those described below.

Legal Formation

B Revolution assists entrepreneurs with all matters relevant to B Corporation-compliant legal entity formation and development – learn more here.

  • Choice of Jurisdiction Analysis
  • Choice of Entity Analysis
  • Authoring and Submission of B Corporation-Compliant Corporation or LLC Formation Document
  • Public Benefit Purpose Definition Exercises
  • Authoring of Purpose Provisions and Creation of Purpose Structure
  • Authoring of Required and Optional Amendments to Bylaws
  • Counsel on Board Meeting Process
  • Compliance Training
  • Selection of Indemnification Provisions
  • Shareholder Agreement Amendments
  • Subscription Agreement Amendments
  • Required Amendments to Share Certificates

B Corporation Certification

B Revolution helps new ventures create a B Corporation Compliant business by leveraging the B Corporation Impact Assessment as a strategic planning tool, and helping ventures maximize the synergy of impact performance with financial performance.  Learn more here.

  • Impact Strategy Workshop
  • Impact Assessment Completion
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Performance Improvements
  • Score Optimization
  • Document Aggregation and Submission
  • Policy Writing
  • Program Development
  • Change Management
  • Certification Interview Advocacy and Representation
  • Special Case Advocacy
  • Document Coordination and Correspondence Management 

Our ezBcorp Tool

In an effort to serve the unique needs of startups, in 2013, B Revolution launched  ezBcorp, a “legalzoom” – style tool for startups and small businesses, which provides B Revolution’s expertise and experience at lower cost and with expedited service delivery for the bootstrapping, time-constrained entrepreneurial team.

ezBcorp service packages are ONLY available to companies with <$1M annual revenue and <10 employees. ezBcorp is not a replacement for legal counsel.  Access ezBcorp here (www.ezbcorp.com).

Through ezBcorp, startups can access:

  • B Corporation-compliant Legal Formation and Legal Transition assistance
  • Educational resources regarding Board Duties and Statutory Requirements
  • B Corporation Certification assistance services, including: Assessment Completion, Policy and Program Development, and Impact Tracking
  • B Corporation Compliance services, including impact reporting and stakeholder engagement assistance
  • Capital-raising pitch coaching, feedback, and materials development
  • Marketing assistance: press, communications, digital marketing, social media, and sales management assistance

All services are under $1500, and comprehensive packages can be purchased for <$1,000.