Prepare Your Venture to Achieve Certification

B Revolution leverages its longstanding expertise in preparing early-stage and growth companies to achieve certification, to help your startup save time and money through the certification process, achieve optimal results, and contribute back to the financial bottom line.  Completing the B Corporation impact assessment presents an opportunity to develop strategic innovations that can bolster growth and financial performance.  We help your venture capture that opportunity while eliminating the time-cost, confusion, and headache of an otherwise difficult certification process.

Why You Should Start Now

In order to become B Corporation certified, ventures must meet three requirements:

  1. The Performance Requirement
  2. The Legal Requirement
  3. The Revenue Requirement

Planning to meet these requirements early will ensure compliance upon submission of the certification application.  With between 110 and 150 points of analysis for early-stage companies, the B Corporation impact assessment challenges startups to consider aspects of operations that otherwise would go unconsidered and unmanaged.  Without considering certification compliance from inception, startups reaching the 6 month revenue mark may encounter significant difficulty in revamping segments of their operations at a time when resources are scarce and other objectives compete for time.

Why You Should Hire B Revolution

B Revolution assists early-stage ventures with achieving compliance in a low-cost, low-difficulty fashion; by doing it right the first time, early-stage ventures can not only achieve certification with ease, but also reap the greatest benefits from certification since the opportunity to innovate is perhaps greatest when a venture is still young.  B Revolution’s certification preparation and compliance services helps early-stage companies:

  • Save time in completing the Impact Assessment: Most entrepreneurs and owners are unable to complete the assessment at all because of the difficulty of the questions and the time necessary to answer them and create documentation to support the answers.  B Revolution assists ventures in not only ensuring  they complete the assessment, but that an optimal score is achieved in the least amount of time possible.
  • Save money in performance developments: The assessment will inevitably force ventures to develop policies, create program guidelines, track and manage impacts, and implement procedures.  B Revolution’s expertise in developing these deliverables means that ventures skip the learning curve and get to compliance with the least adjustments possible, with the least cost for compliance on practices adopted.
  • Ensure alignment of impact practices with business strategy: Inevitably, the drive to improve performance and comply with the certification will encourage entrepreneurs to adopt new practices, policies, programs, and procedures.  B Revolution provides a strategic focus for the venture to ensure any adjustments or new adoptions are linked back to the financial performance and competitive strategy of the venture, linking impacts with overall business performance.
  • Have more fun: when the weight of assessment completion and compliance are outsourced, the entrepreneurial venture can approach impact creation with creative zeal.  B Revolution handles the tedious parts of the process to make certification less stressful, confusing, and painful.

Pricing and Timeline

For any company <10 Employees and <$1M annual revenue, B Revolution’s certification compliance services typically range between $1,500 and $2,500, and we typically achieve certification within 6 weeks.