Simplifying Formation and Certification for Startups

In 2013, B Revolution launched a product specifically designed to serve the needs of startups.  ezBcorp, a “legalzoom” – style tool for startups and small businesses, provides B Revolution’s expertise and experience at lower cost and with expedited service delivery for the bootstrapping, time-constrained entrepreneurial team.

ezBcorp service packages are available to any company with <$1M annual revenue and <10 employees.  ezBcorp is not a replacement for legal counsel and an attorney should be consulted on any new business formation or B Corporation transition. B Revolution’s network of affiliate attorneys, combined with internal certification compliance expertise, can help entrepreneurs access the requisite counsel.  All services are under $1500, and comprehensive packages can be purchased for <$1,000.

Access ezBcorp here (

Through ezBcorp, startups can access:

  • B Corporation-compliant Legal Formation and Legal Transition assistance
  • Educational resources regarding Board Duties and Statutory Requirements
  • B Corporation Certification assistance services, including: Assessment Completion, Policy and Program Development, and Impact Tracking
  • B Corporation Compliance services, including impact reporting and stakeholder engagement assistance
  • Capital-raising pitch coaching, feedback, and materials development
  • Marketing assistance: press, communications, digital marketing, social media, and sales management assistance